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Ein bisschen was Botanisches…

Onobrychis viciifolia



Fotos from Our Trip Part 2

Ohne sie groß zu kommentieren, zumindest vorerst, hier eine Ansammlung der Bilder von der Reise mit meiner Familie (immer noch unvollständig):

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Puff the Magic Dragon
Puff the Magic Dragon (Dragons Bridge, Ljubljana)

Bled, Slovenia

I've been to the bottom and back
I‘ve been to the bottom and back…

Savica, Slovenia

Below Slap Savica
Below Slap Savica (Savica Waterfall)

Škocjanske jame Falls

Škocjanske jame Falls

Škocjanske jame Falls

Škocjanske jame Falls

Peaking Out
Kleine Entdeckung nahe Škocjanske jame: Peaking out…



Gorizia, Italy

Castello di Gorizia
Castello di Gorizia

Venice, Italy

Worlds apart
Worlds Apart


Corte Ghisiola

Biasca, Switzerland

Biasca Waterfalls

First Fotos from our Trip

Here are some of the first fotos from our trip with my parents to Slovenia! Hopefully more to come in the next couple of days. :-)

Under Her Watchful Eye
Under Her Watchful Eye

Picnic at Lake Bled, Slovenia
Picnic with the Children at Lake Bled, Slovenia

Frühling im Botanischen Garten, Braunschweig

bin gestern für ein Treffen in Braunschweig ein wenig zu früh angekommen und hab den benachbarten botanischen Garten glücklicherweise entdeckt. Hier ein Paar Bilder, die daraus entstanden sind…oh wie ich nach einem Makro-Objektiv sehne… :-)

Tulipa sp.

Magnolia sp.

Aubrieta deltoidea

Ich war eine miserable Botanikerin an dem Tag…habe keine Namen aufgeschrieben, weil ich nicht glaubte, dass die Bilder etwas werden. Keine Ahnung, welche Magnolie im 2. Bild zu sehen ist…vielleicht krieg ich irgendwann die Motivation dazu, nachzuforschen.

aber bis dahin genieße ich einfach den schönen Frühling. :-)


a couple months ago I came across this really great project from Michael David Murphy in which he attempts to record those photographs he didn‘t manage to take, or were even impossible to take.

On my train ride to Braunschweig yesterday I had my camera with me, but it just wasn‘t possible to capture the following scene, so I didn‘t even try. So this is me paying tribute to this „unphoto“ and to Michael’s site (

This is a photograph I did not take of a reflection in a train window of me and the strangers (themselves colleagues) with me in our cabin; I am reflected just once, he twice, and she thrice…the lights of the tunnel through which we are passing streak by in the background.


After almost 7 years in Germany, I finally made it to Berlin two weeks ago…and was quickly overwhelmed.
Berlin seemed one giant contradiction in and of itself: abandonment, renovation, old, new, dirty, sparkling, frightening, exciting, love, hate, lust, repulsion… My head spun and my emotions whirled out of control during my relatively short stay. I felt myself pulled in by the enormity of the city and at the same time caged in by my feeling of insignificance among such massive swarms of people. I wish that I had paid a little more attention to the contradictions of the city and a little less attention to the rollercoaster of emotions rushing through my head, so that I could better capture both, but hindsight is always 20/20…
What I did manage to somehow capture I present to you here:

March 26, 2010: Two Self-Portraits in an Abandoned Factory in Berlin-Adlershof
Ripped and shredded

untitled self portrait

March 29, 2010: Back in the Factory with Pippi

March 30, 2010: Graffiti and Absurdity on the Streets of Berlin
Little Charlie Chap

Armed Chimera

die eingesperrte Liebe

And remember „love is the answer,“ but caged love?!?