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Baby Quilt Project

Hey world,

I‘ve been gone for quite awhile, but a friend of mine is having a baby soon and I decided to make a quilt for her, so I‘m revitalizing my blog to keep everyone who’s interested updated on its progress. The quilt will be made up entirely of organic cotton fabrics and until I found Spoonflower I was having quite a lot of trouble finding enough variety of organic cotton fabrics for the project. Spoonflower opened up a whole new world of possibilities! Most fabrics for the quilt are from Spoonflower, with a few exceptions (the basic black for the eyes of the sheep and owls, the whites of the owls‘ eyes (in progress), the faux lamb’s wool made from organic cotton (see link below) and the plush fabric used for the face and feet of the second sheep (in progress). So, without anymore delay, here’s my progress so far!

Quilt Background and Borders
The quilt will measure 54″ x 54″ and here you can already see the basic background and borders.

All fabrics are organic cotton and available from Spoonflower.
You can see Suziedesign’s „Flower Garden“ fabric used here as a border and oksancia’s „Green Nature“ fabric makes up the meadow that two sheep will be standing on later as the quilt progresses! My „Brighter Sky“ fabric makes up the rest of the background.

Checking That Everything Fits
My original drawing for the quilt’s design was quite small, but I was able to blow up the individual elements at a copy shop and use them to make the patterns for cutting out the fabric and for checking to make sure everything will fit and where exactly it should go.

Tree Branch Finished!
Here the tree branch is finished. This is my first applique quilt and I made quite a few little mistakes, but got the hang of it after about the 5th leaf. The leaf fabrics are from spellstone, cjldesigns, and robyriker, all designers at Spoonflower. Spellstone’s fabrics include the darker green leaves with ovals (Green Laurel), the striped leaves (Woodland Woodcut Stripe), the spotted leaves (Woodland Woodcut Spots), and the ladybug and aphid leaves (My Little Helpers). The light green leaves are made from Robyriker’s fabric Sketchy Leaves. Last but not least, the leaves which look a lot like feathers (one on the tree, one on the apple, and later two for the corner apples) were indeed originally feathers. They‘re made from CJLDesigns‘ Feather Frenzy.

First Sheep Finished!
The first sheep is now finished and I‘m very happy with how he turned out! His body is faux lamb’s wool made from organic cotton and can be found here.

The other two fabrics are organic cotton from Spoonflower:
Sheep’s face and ear: Minimiel’s KC plaid pink/green
Sheep’s feet: Minimiel’s polka dot pink

So far, I‘m very happy with how it’s turning out and can‘t wait til it’s finished! Stay tuned for more updates!

Gulf Oil Spill

Here’s a very informative article about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that you may not have seen yet. Oceanographer Dr. Earle not only talks about the spill itself, but the huge daily stresses that we have been putting on this environment for years:

„We’re dealing here with an already stressed system. That’s one of the problems. There’s the large-scale fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, where trawling has been such a common means of extracting wildlife. Scraping the bottom – it’s like using a bulldozer to catch songbirds. The shrimp trawls and other systems used to catch bottom-dwelling fish, the long-lining, has reduced populations of white-tipped sharks by 99 percent. They’re basically gone. And other groups of sharks are reduced by 90 percent. The groupers, the snappers, the rays – even the shrimp are depleted. How could they not be?“

Short, to the point, packed with information about the oil spill, the „cleanup,“ and the larger picture: