Baby Quilt Update

Well I ran out of ecru colored organic thread (failure in my planning!) and had to order some more; I‘m using Scanfil’s organic cotton threads. Additionally, my local quilt shop is closed until Monday (on holiday) so I can‘t get any lightly patterned white fabric for the owl’s eyes, and this is one thing that I have yet to have found at Spoonflower. So things are going a bit slower now, as I can‘t yet start the owl. Nevertheless, I‘ve finished the second, smaller sheep and taken a couple of close-up shots (as always in suboptimal lighting :-/ ). Enjoy!

Both Sheep
Here’s the quilt front so far. Still need to do the corners and the perched owl.

Here’s a close-up of the center panel.

And here’s a close-up of the smaller sheep I finished yesterday.

His body is AmandaC’s „Paisley Lily 1″ fabric in Spoonflower’s old color profile:

His face, feet and ears are made with organic cotton plush material from Westfalenstoffe available here:

His eyes are hand appliqued, just like in the first sheep, using basic black organic cotton fabric. Hand appliqueing such small eyes onto plush material was a challenge, but it worked out.

A little late, here’s the close-up of the stretching sheep. For fabrics used, please see my first blog article on this quilt here .

And last but not least, a close-up of the tree branch, leaves, and apple. Again, for fabrics used, please see my first blog article on this quilt .