After almost 7 years in Germany, I finally made it to Berlin two weeks ago…and was quickly overwhelmed.
Berlin seemed one giant contradiction in and of itself: abandonment, renovation, old, new, dirty, sparkling, frightening, exciting, love, hate, lust, repulsion… My head spun and my emotions whirled out of control during my relatively short stay. I felt myself pulled in by the enormity of the city and at the same time caged in by my feeling of insignificance among such massive swarms of people. I wish that I had paid a little more attention to the contradictions of the city and a little less attention to the rollercoaster of emotions rushing through my head, so that I could better capture both, but hindsight is always 20/20…
What I did manage to somehow capture I present to you here:

March 26, 2010: Two Self-Portraits in an Abandoned Factory in Berlin-Adlershof
Ripped and shredded

untitled self portrait

March 29, 2010: Back in the Factory with Pippi

March 30, 2010: Graffiti and Absurdity on the Streets of Berlin
Little Charlie Chap

Armed Chimera

die eingesperrte Liebe

And remember „love is the answer,“ but caged love?!?