French Braid Country Table Runner

I‘ve been meaning to photograph this since our guild’s retreat over Halloween, but I just didn‘t get around to it until now over the Christmas holidays. This was my first french braid and it was really fun! The center fabric is a drawing from jan_harbon on Spoonflower and is called Gilbert’s Garden based on Gilbert White’s Garden, Selborne, England. She did a beautiful job. I tea-dyed the fabric though, because the white background ended up being too stark in comparison to my other fabrics…my first tea-dying experience…was really neat! Sorry everything’s a bit dark…we don‘t have much sunlight in Germany this time of year!

French Braid Country Table Runner

Spring Tulips

Quilt Assistant is an awesome (and free!) tool for creating your own paper-piecing designs. I used it to design this wallhanging and the pattern was designed with my boss in mind, since she loves tulips and her office is always filled with them in spring. I wanted her to be able to have tulips all year long, so I drew up these three tulips and made her a wallhanging out of them. She loves it and I hope you do too!

I‘ve posted the pattern on craftsy if you‘d like to make one of your own and if you do, be sure and let me know and send me a picture of your finished wallhanging! I‘d love to see it!

So, without further ado, here’s my finished wallhanging:

Finally Posting Finished Baby Quilt

Well, it’s been almost a year and a half since I actually finished the baby quilt, but I never posted finished, quilted and bound, pics on here. So…long overdue, here you go:

Quilt Front Finished
Front of completed quilt.

Center Close-Up with Quilting.
Center of quilt with close-up of quilting.

Back of Finished Baby Quilt
Back of completed quilt.

Close-up of label.

Baby Quilt Update

Well I ran out of ecru colored organic thread (failure in my planning!) and had to order some more; I‘m using Scanfil’s organic cotton threads. Additionally, my local quilt shop is closed until Monday (on holiday) so I can‘t get any lightly patterned white fabric for the owl’s eyes, and this is one thing that I have yet to have found at Spoonflower. So things are going a bit slower now, as I can‘t yet start the owl. Nevertheless, I‘ve finished the second, smaller sheep and taken a couple of close-up shots (as always in suboptimal lighting :-/ ). Enjoy!

Both Sheep
Here’s the quilt front so far. Still need to do the corners and the perched owl.

Here’s a close-up of the center panel.

And here’s a close-up of the smaller sheep I finished yesterday.

His body is AmandaC’s „Paisley Lily 1″ fabric in Spoonflower’s old color profile:

His face, feet and ears are made with organic cotton plush material from Westfalenstoffe available here:

His eyes are hand appliqued, just like in the first sheep, using basic black organic cotton fabric. Hand appliqueing such small eyes onto plush material was a challenge, but it worked out.

A little late, here’s the close-up of the stretching sheep. For fabrics used, please see my first blog article on this quilt here .

And last but not least, a close-up of the tree branch, leaves, and apple. Again, for fabrics used, please see my first blog article on this quilt .

Baby Quilt Project

Hey world,

I‘ve been gone for quite awhile, but a friend of mine is having a baby soon and I decided to make a quilt for her, so I‘m revitalizing my blog to keep everyone who’s interested updated on its progress. The quilt will be made up entirely of organic cotton fabrics and until I found Spoonflower I was having quite a lot of trouble finding enough variety of organic cotton fabrics for the project. Spoonflower opened up a whole new world of possibilities! Most fabrics for the quilt are from Spoonflower, with a few exceptions (the basic black for the eyes of the sheep and owls, the whites of the owls‘ eyes (in progress), the faux lamb’s wool made from organic cotton (see link below) and the plush fabric used for the face and feet of the second sheep (in progress). So, without anymore delay, here’s my progress so far!

Quilt Background and Borders
The quilt will measure 54″ x 54″ and here you can already see the basic background and borders.

All fabrics are organic cotton and available from Spoonflower.
You can see Suziedesign’s „Flower Garden“ fabric used here as a border and oksancia’s „Green Nature“ fabric makes up the meadow that two sheep will be standing on later as the quilt progresses! My „Brighter Sky“ fabric makes up the rest of the background.

Checking That Everything Fits
My original drawing for the quilt’s design was quite small, but I was able to blow up the individual elements at a copy shop and use them to make the patterns for cutting out the fabric and for checking to make sure everything will fit and where exactly it should go.

Tree Branch Finished!
Here the tree branch is finished. This is my first applique quilt and I made quite a few little mistakes, but got the hang of it after about the 5th leaf. The leaf fabrics are from spellstone, cjldesigns, and robyriker, all designers at Spoonflower. Spellstone’s fabrics include the darker green leaves with ovals (Green Laurel), the striped leaves (Woodland Woodcut Stripe), the spotted leaves (Woodland Woodcut Spots), and the ladybug and aphid leaves (My Little Helpers). The light green leaves are made from Robyriker’s fabric Sketchy Leaves. Last but not least, the leaves which look a lot like feathers (one on the tree, one on the apple, and later two for the corner apples) were indeed originally feathers. They‘re made from CJLDesigns‘ Feather Frenzy.

First Sheep Finished!
The first sheep is now finished and I‘m very happy with how he turned out! His body is faux lamb’s wool made from organic cotton and can be found here.

The other two fabrics are organic cotton from Spoonflower:
Sheep’s face and ear: Minimiel’s KC plaid pink/green
Sheep’s feet: Minimiel’s polka dot pink

So far, I‘m very happy with how it’s turning out and can‘t wait til it’s finished! Stay tuned for more updates!

Ein bisschen was Botanisches…

Onobrychis viciifolia



Fotos from Our Trip Part 2

Ohne sie groß zu kommentieren, zumindest vorerst, hier eine Ansammlung der Bilder von der Reise mit meiner Familie (immer noch unvollständig):

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Puff the Magic Dragon
Puff the Magic Dragon (Dragons Bridge, Ljubljana)

Bled, Slovenia

I've been to the bottom and back
I‘ve been to the bottom and back…

Savica, Slovenia

Below Slap Savica
Below Slap Savica (Savica Waterfall)

Škocjanske jame Falls

Škocjanske jame Falls

Škocjanske jame Falls

Škocjanske jame Falls

Peaking Out
Kleine Entdeckung nahe Škocjanske jame: Peaking out…



Gorizia, Italy

Castello di Gorizia
Castello di Gorizia

Venice, Italy

Worlds apart
Worlds Apart


Corte Ghisiola

Biasca, Switzerland

Biasca Waterfalls

First Fotos from our Trip

Here are some of the first fotos from our trip with my parents to Slovenia! Hopefully more to come in the next couple of days. :-)

Under Her Watchful Eye
Under Her Watchful Eye

Picnic at Lake Bled, Slovenia
Picnic with the Children at Lake Bled, Slovenia

Gulf Oil Spill

Here’s a very informative article about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that you may not have seen yet. Oceanographer Dr. Earle not only talks about the spill itself, but the huge daily stresses that we have been putting on this environment for years:

„We’re dealing here with an already stressed system. That’s one of the problems. There’s the large-scale fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, where trawling has been such a common means of extracting wildlife. Scraping the bottom – it’s like using a bulldozer to catch songbirds. The shrimp trawls and other systems used to catch bottom-dwelling fish, the long-lining, has reduced populations of white-tipped sharks by 99 percent. They’re basically gone. And other groups of sharks are reduced by 90 percent. The groupers, the snappers, the rays – even the shrimp are depleted. How could they not be?“

Short, to the point, packed with information about the oil spill, the „cleanup,“ and the larger picture:

Frühling im Botanischen Garten, Braunschweig

bin gestern für ein Treffen in Braunschweig ein wenig zu früh angekommen und hab den benachbarten botanischen Garten glücklicherweise entdeckt. Hier ein Paar Bilder, die daraus entstanden sind…oh wie ich nach einem Makro-Objektiv sehne… :-)

Tulipa sp.

Magnolia sp.

Aubrieta deltoidea

Ich war eine miserable Botanikerin an dem Tag…habe keine Namen aufgeschrieben, weil ich nicht glaubte, dass die Bilder etwas werden. Keine Ahnung, welche Magnolie im 2. Bild zu sehen ist…vielleicht krieg ich irgendwann die Motivation dazu, nachzuforschen.

aber bis dahin genieße ich einfach den schönen Frühling. :-)